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Re: img@relaxed CP [was: CfC: Close ISSUE-206: meta-generator by Amicable Resolution]

From: Smylers <Smylers@stripey.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2012 10:18:05 +0100
To: public-html@w3.org
Message-ID: <20120803091805.GB28557@stripey.com>
Janina Sajka writes:

> Henry:
> Henri Sivonen writes:
> > Do you really not understand this distinction? Do you really think
> > this is about making things nicer to validator users? After all
> > these permathreads? Even if you disagree about what markup generator
> > developers would do or disagree that what they would do would be
> > worse for accessibility, I think it's totally counterproductive to
> > mischaracterize what this discussion is about.
> Call me dense if you must, but I don't see there's anything here about
> a11y.

Not all issues that affect end users are necessarily accessibility
issues. I'm surprised if this matter doesn't affect those who use
speech-based user agents, but even if it doesn't it still affects other
end users, such as Lynx users as I explained here:

> There's no way that identifying what image may have been injected vs
> one that was "hand" authored. From the a11y point of view, that's the
> classic distinction without a difference.

>From a Lynx user's point of view, I want there to be a distinction
between images which are purely decorative and those which are a
substantive part of a page's content.

That distinction matters to me, hence why I care what validators output,
so as to nudge developers into doing the right thing.


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