Re: CP no-change hgroup (ISSUE-164)

On Sun, 06 Nov 2011 16:11:53 +0100, Lars Gunther <> wrote:

> 2011-11-06 11:27, Simon Pieters skrev:
>> ISSUE-164
>> No changes.
>> <hgroup> support has been shipped in multiple browsers,
> But not in any meaningful way. The subtitle is not hidden as it should  
> be.

AFAIK browsers don't expose the outline so don't implement the outline  

> Removing hgroup "support" in browsers should be trivial.
>> books explaining
>> its use have been sold, and content on the Web have started to use it.
>> Removing <hgroup> (and possibly using a different element or markup
>> pattern to solve the use case) is disruptive.
> At least in the mind of the spec editor and a few more it *was* and  
> still *is* possible to remove <time> and instead use <data>.

Removing <time> was not really successful, as far as I can tell. It  
backfired. It was disruptive.

> <time> has seen considerably more use than <hgroup>.

Citation needed.

(Google code search probably doesn't match use on the Web perfectly, but  
it's a quick test and gives a rough picture.)

> <hgroup> is *not* being used in any meaningful way yet, since there are  
> no tools that actually honors its meaning. (At least no one has ever  
> come up with an example of the opposite in any discussion that I have  
> participated in.)

The only tools I know of are outliners that implement the spec's outline  

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