Re: CP no-change hgroup (ISSUE-164)

2011-11-06 11:27, Simon Pieters skrev:
> ISSUE-164
> No changes.
> <hgroup> support has been shipped in multiple browsers,

But not in any meaningful way. The subtitle is not hidden as it should be.

Removing hgroup "support" in browsers should be trivial.

> books explaining
> its use have been sold, and content on the Web have started to use it.
> Removing <hgroup> (and possibly using a different element or markup
> pattern to solve the use case) is disruptive.

At least in the mind of the spec editor and a few more it *was* and 
still *is* possible to remove <time> and instead use <data>.

<time> has seen considerably more use than <hgroup>.

<hgroup> is *not* being used in any meaningful way yet, since there are 
no tools that actually honors its meaning. (At least no one has ever 
come up with an example of the opposite in any discussion that I have 
participated in.)

Lars Gunther

Received on Sunday, 6 November 2011 19:12:27 UTC