Re: To the HTML Co-Chairs: comments regarding longdesc

On 03/11/2011 12:47 PM, Geoff Freed wrote:
> To the HTML Co-Chairs and the HTML Working Group:
> We are writing on behalf of the Digital Image and Graphic Resources for
> Accessible Materials Center (DIAGRAM; in
> support of the reinstatement of @longdesc into HTML5
> ( We
> believe that omitting @longdesc from HTML5 would be a serious blow to
> the cause of accessibility, and would set back nearly two decades of
> work by accessibility researchers, technologists and educators
> throughout the world.

The current status of this issue is OPEN:

At this time we expect to issue a call for such proposals in May when we 
have made more progress to getting the current HTML5 specifications into 
Last Call.  Meanwhile, we have received the following change proposal:

I note that you are listed in the acknowledgment section of that 
proposal.  We encourage you to continue to work with the authors of that 
change proposal and see to it that it accurately reflects your input. 
If for any reason that isn't possible, you are welcome to submit a 
separate change proposal.

You might also want to take a look at the proposals that were issued 
previously and how they were evaluated:

- Sam Ruby

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