Re: Request to re-open issue 131

On 12/08/2011 11:24 AM, Richard Schwerdtfeger wrote:
> Paul, Maciej, Sam,
> This is a request on behalf of the HTML Accessibility Task force to
> reopen issue 131 on the basis of providing new information on regarding
> exposing a text baseline in the Canvas 2D API specification.
> The change proposal is provided here:

As the original decision stated[1]:

* Proposals to add baseline measurement support can be considered if
   sufficient detail is provided.

... the chairs find that this proposal provides that information, and 
therefore have decided to reopen this issue.

Furthermore, based on the discussions at TPAC, concrete progress towards 
the development of another proposal[2], the fact that the original 
alternate proposal[3] has evolved further based on implementor feedback, 
and in the interest of time, the chairs have elected to reopen the 
entire issue, and not simply reopen this one facet.

Operationally, this effectively means that the decision itself is 
vacated, and participants have full use of W3C's CVS, wikis, and mailing 
lists to use to develop their proposals.  We further will state that we 
do not intend to honor any revert requests in the specific areas covered 
by issue 131.

Our plans are to work with the various parties to see if there is any 
opportunity to split this into smaller, more focused issues.  Once that 
process is complete, and if we continue to find areas of disagreement, 
we will call for proposals.  The original proposals can be resubmitted 
as is, or can be updated.  These proposals can be based on prior or 
current baselines.  New proposals can also be submitted.

Should we have multiple proposals, the chairs will carefully review each 
Change Proposal for completeness.  We will expect full rationale for 
every difference from other proposals.  Based on the outcome of the 
prior decision, we will also require testimonials from at least two 
major implementors that that they would be willing to implement the 
proposal should it be adopted.

> Thank you,
> Rich Schwerdtfeger

- Sam Ruby


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