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Re: False aria-describedby expectations in ARIA Authoring Practices (longdesc)

From: Leif H Silli <xn--mlform-iua@xn--mlform-iua.no>
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 17:59:59 +0200
To: jonas@sicking.cc
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Reply to Jonas:
>>>In fact, we could even display a context menu item
>>>for each link if there are multiple as aria-describedby allows
>>>pointing to multiple elements, many of which could be links.
>>Then some would use @aria-describedby for the purpose of the link,
>>while others would use it for the purpose of its text content = purpose
>That is your interpretation of the ARIA spec. One that I don't agree
>with. And based on the subject of this thread, one that the spec
>editors might not agree with either.
>My interpretation is that everyone should see the link.

Like Maciej allready replied, it is important what you mean by "see". 
Except VoiceOver users and other keyboard users, everyone see longdesk if 
they use iCab. That many don't see longdesk is a problem due to the user 

When it comes to the interpretation of ARIA: Steve documented that AT 
SHOULD present content pointed out by aria-describedby as markup.

So do you want to make the presentation of description links depend on that 
the SHOULD becomes a MUST?

It seems to me that the longdesklink should be available to AT even without 
such a MUST.
leif h silli 
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