Re: False aria-describedby expectations in ARIA Authoring Practices (longdesc)

Steve F. wrote:
>but how is this to be implemented and where? in the
>browser or in the screen reader?
>we have at least one vendor (NVDA)  who has indicated they would not
>implement  behaviour in their product to provide access to longdesc
>(which is essentially a element specific version of what we are
>talking about for describedby),

Does NVDA need that the browser provides more longdesk access than  Opera 
and iCab does? Is that technically enough? Or is their stance political?

> but would support it if the UI was
>exposed via browsers.
>One of the issues with longdesc has been that it is not exposed by
>browsers (other than the url string in the DOM). I consider that the
>best chnace we have of making aria-describedby and/or longdesc useful
>and usable is for the UI to be in the browser.

Two ideas:

1) if @describedby points to anchor/area element without any link text, 
then AT won't present it to the user. This perhaps give opportunity to 
instead present it as a longdesk link.

2) another option could be to "move" the image to an invisible link:
<img id=image role=presentation src=i alt="Lorem Ipsum" >
<a role="img link" href=link aria-labelledby=image  ></a>
leif h silli 

Received on Saturday, 23 April 2011 14:00:40 UTC