changes to headings in ARIA in HTML5

Hi ian,
you wrote on IRC:

   1. <Hixie> oh wow, this is awesome
   2. # <> [01:09]
   <Hixie> the aria thing actually breaks h1-h6 in ATs
   3. # <> [01:10]
   <Hixie> (it removes their nesting depth)
   4. # <> [01:10] *
   Hixie cries a little inside

As i know this is of great concern to I think you will be pleased to find
out that youhave misinterpreted the changes to headings:

If you had looked at the spec changes i had provided and which Sam and I
pointed you [1] to you and Sam had agreed was representative of the decison
you would have seen that
Hx continues to have the same default role and allowed role of heading:
"heading role, with the aria-level property set to the element's outline

I don't think that the otherchairs would disagree?

with regards

Steve Faulkner

Received on Saturday, 9 April 2011 07:49:07 UTC