Re: HTML5 Profiles - First Editors Draft

Manu Sporny, Sat, 22 May 2010 11:38:43 -0400:
> The first draft of the HTML5 Profiles document is ready for feedback.

> Things that need to be done at this point:
> 1. If you have any feedback on the specification, please note the
>    feedback on the mailing list.

In the Introduction, it is stated:

]] While the HTML5 base specification dropped the profile 
   attribute from the HEAD element, the attribute continues
   to be utilized by a number of structured data communities.

   This document is an extension to HTML5 which achieves the 
   following: [[

The first paragraph here sounds a bit temporary and defensive. I would 

]] In [HTML401], the profile attribute could only appear on the head 
element. The current version of HTML, [HTML5], removes @profile from 
the base specification. This document, which is an extension to 
[HTML5], extends @profile as a global attribute, thereby achieving the 
following: [[

> 2. If you support publication of the specification as a FPWD, please
>    indicate your support via the mailing list.

I support FPWD publication.

PS: I prefer 'supersede" to be written with an "s" - see

leif halvard silli

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