RE: Timed tracks

Since you chose to bring PDF into the discussion, I feel the need to "uncloak" and correct your quite incorrect information, as well as provide some additional information in this area.

>Personally I'm not sure what TTML brings that we want. As far as I can
>see it's about as accessible as a PDF is. Instead of marking up the
>semantic meaning of its contents it basically just says that text
>should be displayed with various layout properties at various times.
>There is no way to for example find every instance when a specific
>person says "hello", or to style all narrator text in italics and
>surrounded by '[' ']'.

PDF (ISO 32000-1 [1]) FULLY supports the "marking up the semantic meaning of its content" and has for almost a decade now since "Tagged PDF" was added to the PDF 1.4 specification (May 2001 [2]).

I will also add that the forthcoming PDF/UA (PDF for Universal Accessibility - [3]) standard from the ISO also includes some references to video capturing for the purposes of accessibility, though it does not impose a specific implementation for that format.  

Leonard Rosenthol
PDF Standards Architect
Adobe Systems


Received on Saturday, 8 May 2010 18:02:16 UTC