Preparing for Surveys - Ground Rules

Barring any sudden possibility of amicable resolution, the chairs are 
prepared to proceed to post surveys for the following two issues: - image analysis heuristics - content-language-multiple

Examining what worked and what didn't work so well for us the last time 
we did a survey, we came to the conclusion that the following text which 
was included in the last survey was not well heeded:

   Keep in mind, you must actually state an objection, not merely cite
   someone else. If you feel that your objection has already been
   adequately addressed by someone else, then it is not necessary to
   repeat it.

This was ignored by several commenters, despite the fact, that this was 
preceded by text that stated:

   Any poll response that does not state an objection to either proposal
   will be ignored.

This time around, we are going to strengthen that text to state:

   Comments that are NOT actual technical objections to material in the
   change proposal ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE and WILL BE IGNORED.

Should we receive comments that are anything other than technical 
objections this go around, we will attempt to contact the person who 
left the comment and ask them to revise it.  Should that person elect to 
not revise the comment, we ignore the entire comment and list all of the 
comments that were ignored in the decision that is produced.

Other than that change, the survey will be run just like the last 
survey.  There will be two surveys, and each will simply list and link 
to the relevant change proposals, and solicit objections.

If there are any comments on the mechanics or questions about the above 
policy, please let us know now.

- Sam Ruby

Received on Wednesday, 5 May 2010 16:51:52 UTC