Re: Grouping in Definition Lists

On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 6:15 AM, Dean Leigh <> wrote:
> Can anyone please tell me where we are with Grouping in Definition Lists
> i.e. <di>
> I have found a wiki entry that leaves me none the wiser here:
> I have also found an inconclusive mail thread ending here:
> I see that <di> is still in the xhtml 2 proposal.
> I personally see a need for grouping purely for formatting with CSS but
> agree rdf addresses grouping for data manipulation.
> I know there were objections for legacy browsers but as this was discussed
> in 2007 I wonder if that is still an issue?

HTML5 does not define a <di> element, since the grouping is completely
expressed in the current markup.  If there is a lack in the CSS side
(which I agree there is), it needs to be taken up with the CSS group

Now, to respond directly to some of the statements in your email:

XHTML2 is a dead spec.  The W3C has explicitly closed down the working
group tasked with it, and it will not be developed any further.  You
shouldn't look to it for any guidance.  ^_^

All of the legacy browsers that were around in 2007 are still around.
They have somewhat less market share, but are still significant in
terms of dictating what we can do with parsing.


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