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[Bug 9160] input['type=checkbox'].checkValidity ought to work like the radio type, testing the whole checkbox group, not each checkbox individually

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--- Comment #3 from Brenton Simpson <w3c@appsforartists.com>  2010-03-30 02:57:44 ---
Title: What does input.@required mean for @type = checkbox?


This discussion revolves around the meaning of @required on a checkbox group in
a survey.  By definition. a radio group must have only one choice selected if
it is required.  A checkbox group functions identically to a radio group, but
it can have multiple checked values.  I contend that a checkbox group must have
at least one choice selected if it is required.

The spec currently dictates that @required directly relates to the checkbox it
is on, without consideration for others in the group - right now, any required
checkbox must be ticked.  Consider the following example.

Choose all that apply:
 - checkboxA
 - checkboxB
 - checkboxC

If any or each of these had the @required flag set under the proposed
amendment, one or more must be checked.  Currently, any that is @required MUST
be checked.

This amendment has no affect on checkbox widgets with unique names.  A checkbox
with a unique name and the @required flag set will have the same meaning
regardless of if the amendment is ratified.

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