Re: AuthConfReq: Presentational Markup

On 03/28/2010 12:39 PM, Lars Gunther wrote:
> 2010-03-28 15:21, Kornel LesiƄski skrev:
>> i.e. it's difficult to convince people that markup which validates is
>> not good
> Hear, hear!
>  From my teaching perspective this is very true. I've had this
> discussion numerous times with students and colleagues.

Lars, with your teaching hat on, would you agree that it would be a good 
thing for your students and colleagues to explicitly close all open, 
non-void elements?

My preference is that we agree that what is served as a representation 
of the resource named by conforms to the definition 
of HTML5.  We can further agree that it is not a particularly good 
example to learn from, but that it is HTML5 nevertheless, and it is 
appropriate to be served as text/html.

Separately, I believe that we should develop one or more sets of best 
practices.  At least one of those best practices should be targeted 
specifically at the need of students.

I have no problem with the W3C deploying a "goodness checker" and am 
even willing to help code it.

- Sam Ruby

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