Re: document.load: History and a proposal

On Fri, 26 Mar 2010 21:47:35 -0300, Adam Barth <> wrote:

> 2) Specify the Firefox behavior in HTML5 and implement it in WebKit.

In the async case:

What do you want to happen with load("file not found")? Do you want load()  
to throw an exception like Firefox, or do you want it to not throw an  
exception, still fire the 'load' event and just have be null like Opera?

What do you want to happen when load("file is found") is an xml file with  
a parse error? In the 'load' callback, do you want just to be null, or do you want documentElement to  
be a 'parsererror' element in the  
"" namespace like  
Firefox does (basically a yellow screen of death document). How do other  
vendors feel about using that ns string?

If load() does throw an exception, could it perhaps be standardized on the  
name of the exception? Firefox uses something like NS_ERROR_DOM_BAD_URI or  

It seems you can call load() multiple times on the same object and it'll  
work just fine too. Not sure if that's needed, but mentioning it.

Also, with the sync version at least, does load() return true|false like  
Firefox, or is it a void function like in Opera and returns undefined?

How do you trigger the sync version? Is it doc.async = false? Or, is it  
the lack of an onload property or registered 'load' listener that triggers  
the sync version?

Please clarify 'Firefox behavior' in regards to the above. Do you want to  
copy Firefox exactly 100%?


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