Revisions of Decision Policy document under way

Hello everyone,

I have started drafting proposed revisions of the Decision Policy  
document, in consultation with the other two Chairs. Once these  
revisions are stable, we will present a new version of the policy  
document for Working Group discussion. As before, we will carefully  
listen to feedback, and eventually call for Working Group consensus on  
the revised policy. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure the Working  
Group is aware of the work.

The draft revisions are available here: < 

This is at a temporary URL to avoid conflicting with the current  
version of the Decision Policy, which remains in effect until we have  
finalized the revisions and gotten sign-off from the Working Group.

We're tracking suggestions to change the document (including even our  
own ideas) through Bugzilla. You can find the list of bugs that have  
already been addressed here: <>. As of this  
writing, 7 bugs have been resolved. Note that these resolutions are  
still subject to revision, but they do reflect the changes applied to  
the document so far. Most of these initial revisions are fairly  
simple; either clarifications of existing policies, or minor changes  
to smooth out the process. By the way, note that this doesn't mean  
that you need to file a bug to make a suggestion or raise a concern  
with the current policy. It's totally fine to let the chairs know  
directly, e.g. by email, and we will ensure the request is tracked.

There are still some suggestions left to address, you can see the list  
here: <>. As of this writing, there are 9 of  
these. These issues will take a little more time to resolve, as they  
generally require more involved edits, or additional consultation  
among the chairs.


Received on Friday, 26 March 2010 03:47:47 UTC