Re: Possible Conservative Proposal : no prefixes, but allow xmlns on a root element

Ennals, Robert wrote:
> [...]
> *         If the browser encounters an unknown element with a default
> namespace declaration, then it should apply that namespace to all
> descendent nodes.

This looks like it will break content. E.g.:

     <div id="myGallery">

         <playlist version="1" xmlns="">

             <div class="imageElement">
                 <p>clicca per vedere tutti i poster</p>
                 <a href="..." title="Ingrandisci" class="open"></a>
                 <img src="..." class="full" alt="Suzy Kendall"/>
                 <img src="..." class="thumbnail" alt="Suzy Kendall"/>

If the <playlist xmlns> causes the descendants to have the namespace instead of the HTML namespace, then they 
will no longer be rendered correctly as HTML links and images.

Philip Taylor

Received on Monday, 22 March 2010 18:59:05 UTC