Re: Old resolved bugs

Hi everyone,

On Mar 9, 2010, at 1:49 AM, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> Hello Working Group,
> We have a large number of bugs in RESOLVED state that have not been  
> moved to VERIFY or CLOSED, and so are not in a terminal state per  
> our decision policy.
> I see 1324 total:
> Of these 579 were moved to RESOLVED before last October, when we  
> started discussing the new Decision Policy.
> I strongly encourage everyone to review bugs they originated and  
> place them in CLOSED state if they accept the resolution, or reopen  
> or escalate the bug if not.
> For the 579 older bugs, I will move them to VERIFIED by the end of  
> the week. If any are still in VERIFIED after a month from Friday,  
> then I will mark them as NoReply, putting them in a terminal state.
> Meanwhile, for the newer bugs, I would encourage volunteers to check  
> that bugs contain the required components of an editor's reply  
> (including spec diff link if applicable), and if so move the bug to  
> VERIFIED for action by the originator or anyone else who wishes to  
> reopen or escalate.

I did the mass move.

Bugs in this set will be marked NoReply in a month unless one of the  
following happens:
(1) The bug is moved to CLOSED (and optionally tagged with the  
Disagree keyword).
(2) The bug is tagged with TrackerRequest or TrackerIssue keywords.
(3) The bug is reopened.

If you are the originator of any of these bugs, or otherwise have an  
interest in it please consider taking one of those three actions. Note  
that you should do only *one* of these three things in order to reply  
to the bug. In particular, it's not necessary to reopen a bug that is  
tagged TrackerIssue or TrackerRequest.

Here is the list of bugs that will be marked NoReply if no action is  
taken (this excludes bugs already tagged with one of the relevant  

There are currently 570.


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