Re: Re-registration of text/html

Simon Pieters wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Mar 2010 12:18:09 +0100, Sam Ruby <> 
> wrote:
>> With co-chair hat off: I am not happy with the current set of rules. 
>> But if you like, we can start the discussion from the other side then. 
>> I would like to ask why the following is considered non-conforming:
>>    <a href="">
>> The above markup causes no interoperability problems.  This is a rule 
>> that is commonly, flagrantly, and willfully violated.  A number of 
>> similar examples can be found here:
> Need to change parsing first.

I disagree.  If you would like to discuss changing the parsing rules, 
that's fine, but that's not something I am suggesting.  Furthermore, I 
will state that a change to make the above markup extracted from the 
Google home page to be considered as conforming can be done without 
changing the parsing rules first.

"Forgetting" to close a tag, and "forgetting" to escape an ampersand 
would be considered markup errors in XML.  The intent of HTML5 is to 
define in an an interoperable way that such "mistakes" be handled.  I 
put "forgetting" and "mistakes" in quotes as it is clear that some 
people intentionally wish to omit markup that they consider to be 
unnecessary.  And I'm entirely fine with that.

- Sam Ruby

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