RE: Re-registration of text/html

>I mean: Software that ingests text/html must do so according to HTML5.
Sorry to revisit this discussion again, but I have to respectfully disagree.  There are numerous classes of text/html consuming (and creation) tools that have no need for the DOM-model required by the HTML5 specification.   This includes interactive (with a human) applications as well as automated/server-based solutions.

While you may only be thinking of the "serving hypertext markup on the Web", there are numerous processes in use today that exchange HTML over http (or extended) channels and (again) have no need for the DOM requirements.

I know we've been over this before, but I think perhaps the editor(s) should consider inclusion of text the reflects such things in the introductory material in one or more of the documents.


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>> I believe it's more productive to discuss how content labeled as text/html must be processed by new software and how 
>> authors should use the text/html label is new authoring than to discuss what content labeled as text/html "is".
>> New software must process text/html content according to HTML5 (until HTML5 is superseded in the future by a newer backwards-compatible spec >at which point then-new software must process text/html content according to that spec instead).
> Do you mean ALL software that processes such content or only UA's?  

I mean: Software that ingests text/html must do so according to HTML5.

> I ask because this goes to the related discussion in the "what's the language of the document" thread where there seems to be a clear division on whether servers that serve up HTML(5) are also required to process it according to the same rules or (to quote Ian) " Servers are free to use whatever mechanisms and conventions they want to get whatever effects they want on their end".

As for software serving hypertext markup on the Web, the software should label the Web hypertext markup it serves as text/html or application/xhtml+xml depending on which processing is desired. The metadata servers maintain for themselves but don't serve out is their private matter and anything goes.

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