Re: <video> attributes and children

On Mar 7, 2010, at 15:10 , Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>>> @type and @media are used to select from among multiple sources. It's not allowed to combine @src and <source>. So <video src> has only one possible source, and therefore there's no need for information that would be used to choose a source in that case.
>> (devil's advocate here)...they could still be used to warn me whether I can/should play the media (e.g. the media attribute might warn me it's unsuitable for people susceptible to flashing...)
> If that is the author's intent, he or she can use  <video> element with a single <source> child. In principle we could add <video src> as a second way to do it. Is this use case common enough for that to be a worthwhile exercie?

(It could also be use to optimize non-loading in the case that the browser knows it can't display a particular type, of course.)

I can't tell whether it's simpler for authors if we support the same attributes applying to the src attribute and the source element ('any source can have its MIME type and media query restrictions expressed') or simpler if we say that if you want conditional loading or acceptance of a file, then you use the element.

It's the kind of question I have left to the best judgment of the editor, but it was worth exposing here in case others see stronger reasons to change the status quo.

David Singer
Multimedia and Software Standards, Apple Inc.

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