ISSUE-94 and significant editing changes to specification since issue was created

I did want to clarify with the group that when I provide the change 
proposal for Issue 94, that it encompasses two sections of the HTML5 
working draft now, rather than one.

On February 6, in Revision 1.3722 [1], with a comment of "The annual 
restructuring to make things make sense again. (whatwg r4668)", Ian 
modified the HTML5 specific considerably, including splitting what was 
Section 5, Web Browsers, into two new sections:

Section 5: Loading Web Pages
Section 6: Scripting

Section 6 Scripting is now known as Section 6 Web application APIs

As far as I can find in the email archives, this modification was not 
discussed in the HTML WG email list at the time. I may have missed the 

My Change Proposal will encompass both sections, because the initial bug 
and Issue are related to what existed in the HTML5 specification at the 
time both were created. I will adapt my Change Proposal to work with the 
existing text at this moment, but it won't reflect any other 
"restructuring" that might occur after this date.



Received on Friday, 5 March 2010 15:36:43 UTC