Re: use of title attributes in HTML5 spec.

On Tue, 2 Mar 2010, Steven Faulkner wrote:
> while reviewing parts of the HTML5 spec, I have noticed that the title 
> attribute is used many times on various elements , but the title 
> attribute values are not phrases or sentences, usually they are a 
> combination dash seperated abbreviations and words. Also quite often 
> when used on a link they are a copy of the link text. This use does not 
> seem to be conforming and while it dsoesn't bother me it may well cause 
> undue cognitive noise for users who  are exposed to the title attribute 
> content.

Yeah, this is a temporary situation. Once the W3C allow us to use HTML5 on 
the /TR/ page, I'll change this to a data-* attribute. Using the title="" 
attribute is a hack for generating the cross-references.

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