Re: CfC: Publish HTML5, RDFa heartbeats and Microdata, 2D Context and H:TML as FPWDs


Changes have been made to attempt to address your two objections. Can  
you indicate whether you think these are sufficient? (Not necessarily  
whether they are the perfect solutions, but do they address your  
objections enough that it doesn't need to be a publication blocker.)

On Feb 18, 2010, at 11:24 AM, Sam Ruby wrote:

> 	 Julian objected to the phrase "all HTML specifications" in the  
> bug link:

(New status on this is that Ian made a change based on suggestions in  
the bug.)

> 	 Julian objected to the status sections of HTML Microdata and HTML 
> +RDFa not matching:
> Originally here but later clarified that his objection was solely  
> about consistency, not about specific issues:
> Status: We have asked Manu to make some changes for consistency. We  
> have not asked Ian to make any changes.  Manu has since made these  
> changes.

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