Re: no change proposal for ISSUE-55, but a new plan for @profile

Julian Reschke, Fri, 19 Feb 2010 21:36:16 +0100:

> At present there are three supporters of this approach: Tantek, Manu 
> and myself.

Wow. Great initiative. I add my voice in support of this.
> We consider the generalization of the profile attribute to all 
> elements to be new information and outside the scope of ISSUE-55.
> The proposal also parallels some discussion that has happened in the 
> RDFa and microformats communities during the past two years. Namely, 
> allowing the profile attribute to exist on all elements as a method 
> for scoping the inclusion and definition of vocabularies.
> The draft will be collaboratively and transparently edited at the 
> following location:
> We hope that a FPWD-ready specification should be complete at the end 
> of March, but will only propose a FPWD at that time if we feel that 
leif halvard silli

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