no change proposal for ISSUE-55, but a new plan for @profile


First of all: apologies for the late response to the call for a change 
proposal for ISSUE-55. The last update for ISSUE-55 was the following 
proposed specification:

As you know, most WG members have been very busy the previous week; in 
particular Manu who has been working on getting the RDFa WG up and running.

At this point, Manu, Tantek, and I do not propose to apply a change to 
HTML5 itself. ISSUE-55 can be closed by amicable resolution.

In the interest of transparency and better communication, we think the 
following is a better path forward and want to give a heads up in case 
there are others with similar interests (or skepticisms).

We are now discussing a separate extension specification, with a 
relation to HTML5 similar to RDFa-in-HTML and Microdata. This proposed 
specification will be composed of three main sections:

1) A normative section, introducing the profile attribute on all 
elements in HTML5.
2) An informative section, listing known HTML 4.01 errata regarding the 
profile attribute on the head element
3) An informative section, describing how this specification could be 
applied to both previous versions of HTML and XHTML, and other markup 

At present there are three supporters of this approach: Tantek, Manu and 

We consider the generalization of the profile attribute to all elements 
to be new information and outside the scope of ISSUE-55.

The proposal also parallels some discussion that has happened in the 
RDFa and microformats communities during the past two years. Namely, 
allowing the profile attribute to exist on all elements as a method for 
scoping the inclusion and definition of vocabularies.

The draft will be collaboratively and transparently edited at the 
following location:

We hope that a FPWD-ready specification should be complete at the end of 
March, but will only propose a FPWD at that time if we feel that the 
work is ready.

Best regards, Julian (assisted by Manu and Tantek)

Received on Friday, 19 February 2010 20:43:47 UTC