Re: CfC: Publish HTML5, RDFa heartbeats and Microdata, 2D Context and H:TML as FPWDs

On Wed, 17 Feb 2010, Steven Faulkner wrote:
> > 
> >and the off-page link features of ARIA,
> there are no 'off-page link features' currently specified in ARIA.

My apologies, I misspoke. I meant to refer to off-page linking features, 
and the features of ARIA. In my haste I apparently merged them into one!

> >as well as an API for handling focus and magnification for ATs
> It makes focus movement an 'option' for screen magnifiers, thus 
> introducing a different focus behaviour than for other elements (still 
> an open bug

I fast-tracked this bug and wrote a reply in. Generally speaking, I deal 
with bugs in the order they were least recently modified, so that I don't 
interrupt active discussions and to let people post further 
clarifications. Rigt now the least-recently-modified bug in the system was 
modified last week, and there are 95 open bugs, so I think I'm doing 
pretty well. :-)

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