Re: A question about HTML5 elements and SVG/MathML

> As I understand it, a "conforming HTML5 UA" which has a DOM is required to
> parse the input stream using the HTML5 parsing algorithm, which specifies
> creation of certain DOM nodes in certain namespaces and with certain
> localNames.

Basically, a UA must parse and create dom nodes for the svg and mathml
elements without causing errors, but need not render them or anything.
Thus why it is only under syntax, and not elements. That makes things
clear. Or it was already clear, but I simply brought some baggage with
me on reading the spec.

> Yay!


> The SVG WG is preparing to publish a definitive list of all SVG elements and
> attributes in all specifications, as part of a single spec called SVG Integration.

I suppose that will be the one found in the reference section at some
point. Thank you for the other references.

-Steven Roussey--

Received on Tuesday, 16 February 2010 19:39:49 UTC