Tracking bugs on Microdata and 2D Context (was Re: CfC: Publish HTML5, RDFa heartbeats and Microdata, 2D Context and H:TML as FPWDs)

On Feb 15, 2010, at 3:31 PM, Julian Reschke wrote:

>> Some people have discouraged the idea of creating more components  
>> because it would break people's existing tools. If others consider  
>> it important for clarity, then we can create new components (or  
>> some other distinguishing feature, such as keywords).
> I think new components would be good, but keywords as workaround  
> might work as well.

I'm a little wary of changing our set of components because it seems  
to break things when we do it. The alternatives I thought of:

- Add keywords "Microdata" and "2DContext"; this would require bug  
reporters to be aware, and would require volunteers to review existing  
open bugs.
- Adopt an informal convention to prefix the titles of bugs in these  
areas with "[microdata]" or "[2d context]" as appropriate.

The title convention is probably less work for bug reporters, but  
there's still a potential for mistakes.

I think we do need some way to track these bugs separately if we want  
to consider the possibility that these three drafts might go to Last  
Call or Candidate Rec at different times.


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