Re: CfC: Publish HTML5, RDFa heartbeats and Microdata, 2D Context and H:TML as FPWDs

Julian Reschke wrote:
> Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>> ...
>> But anyway, the Team will do what they do. If you want there to be 
>> issue markers in the input we give to the Team before they do their 
>> final edits, I suggest you report the issues to the Working Group first.
>> ...
> I did do that. Over here.
> What now? Should I open a Bugzilla issue? 


>  What component? It affects both RDFa and Microdata, after all.

New components will be create by the time documents are published as 
separate drafts, if not before.

Feel free to create a bug on each.

At the current time, HTMl5 spec bugs is a suitable component for bugs 
against Microdata.

> Best regards, Julian

- Sam Ruby

Received on Sunday, 14 February 2010 14:11:00 UTC