Re: Issues in HTML5 spec sections [was: clarification on Adobe Blocking]

On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 1:43 PM, Sam Ruby <> wrote:

> Shelley Powers wrote:
>>    For those that wish to have their objections recorded thusly, we now
>>    have a decision process.  Step one is to open a bug report.
>>     Depending on how things go, bug reports can get turned into issues,
>>    and issues are what is reflected in the document.
>> Actually, not all issues are recorded in the HTML 5 document. It would
>> seem that several issues I'm writing change proposals were never upgraded
>> from Raised issues to Open Issues, which they should have been when I
>> volunteered to write change proposals.
>> Can I get these items upgraded, so they do appear in the HTML5 document?
> In order to appear in the document, the description of the issue itself
> must contain a list of HTML5-SPEC-SECTIONS.  You can see an example of this
> here:
> This will cause the issue markers to appear in the document the next time
> it is published (as this tends to occur naturally several times a day, we've
> not attempted to automate this further).
> If you like you can post a list of issues and section numbers you would
> like to see annotated here, and I will attend to it.  Or (and is my
> preference), you can directly make these changes yourself.
> - Sam Ruby

Ahhh, I didn't know that. I'm still figuring out the pixie dust that
connects all these things magically together. Thanks!

I'll go ahead and annotate the issue with the syntax you pointed out. Should
I go ahead and just change the status from RAISED to OPEN on the issues,


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