Issues in HTML5 spec sections [was: clarification on Adobe Blocking]

Shelley Powers wrote:
>     For those that wish to have their objections recorded thusly, we now
>     have a decision process.  Step one is to open a bug report.
>      Depending on how things go, bug reports can get turned into issues,
>     and issues are what is reflected in the document.
> Actually, not all issues are recorded in the HTML 5 document. It would 
> seem that several issues I'm writing change proposals were never 
> upgraded from Raised issues to Open Issues, which they should have been 
> when I volunteered to write change proposals.
> Can I get these items upgraded, so they do appear in the HTML5 document?

In order to appear in the document, the description of the issue itself 
must contain a list of HTML5-SPEC-SECTIONS.  You can see an example of 
this here:

This will cause the issue markers to appear in the document the next 
time it is published (as this tends to occur naturally several times a 
day, we've not attempted to automate this further).

If you like you can post a list of issues and section numbers you would 
like to see annotated here, and I will attend to it.  Or (and is my 
preference), you can directly make these changes yourself.

- Sam Ruby

Received on Friday, 12 February 2010 19:44:27 UTC