Re: Open video for an open web

>> I propose that Theora should be re-instated in the spec as a 
>> required
>> baseline codec, to be supported by all browsers. And the time to do 
>> it
>> is now.
> Nice as this would be,
> 1)  If this doesn't get youtube and vimeo to transcode their stuff 
> to
>     Theora, does it really help?
> 2)  If you think that youtube and vimeo can be convinced to 
> transcode
>     to theora and they do so, would the argument for having a 
> required
>     codec be as pressing?
> (Maybe the answers are "yes" to one or both; I just don't know.)

Are those questions that even matter? The point is I want to use a 
free and open (BSD-style not enough?) in a video element in my 
document for my purposes. I'm not big time web video access 
application. Just me that wants to publish a video that is legal for 
me to produce and deliver in the HTML5 web browser environment using 
the <video> element.
The big guys can do what they want. If I want to publish my stuff in 
their environment, then must I convert to a form that makes me a 
violator if there is an ad on the page?

Thanks and Best Regards,

> -Boris

Received on Wednesday, 3 February 2010 17:26:39 UTC