Re: Open video for an open web

On 2/3/10 8:51 AM, Lars Gunther wrote:
> 1. The USA, Germany and a few more countries change their stupid laws
> that allow software patents. (Not going to happen.)

Wouldn't help either, since the H.264 patents aren't software patents. 
And the list of countries involved is somewhat longer than you imply 
above.  See

> I propose that Theora should be re-instated in the spec as a required
> baseline codec, to be supported by all browsers. And the time to do it
> is now.

Nice as this would be,

1)  If this doesn't get youtube and vimeo to transcode their stuff to
     Theora, does it really help?
2)  If you think that youtube and vimeo can be convinced to transcode
     to theora and they do so, would the argument for having a required
     codec be as pressing?

(Maybe the answers are "yes" to one or both; I just don't know.)


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