Re: Introducing the W3C HTML/XML Task Force

On 28.12.2010 22:39, Ian Hickson wrote:
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> In what sense is there a _growing_ chasm between HTML and XML? HTML today
> is significantly closer to XML than HTML4 was, for example it supports the
> "/" syntax on void elements, it allows xmlns="" talismans, etc. Surely the
> two are in fact closer than ever. Indeed even before the HTMLWG was
> restarted at the W3C, the WHATWG had spent significant efforts in getting
> them as close as possible while maintaining backwards compatibility.
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One factor here certainly is perception. HTML5 documents a chasm that 
was already there. It makes it more clear what the chasm is.

That being said, it *is* growing partly. For instance, HTML5 didn't need 
to add new void elements, and it could have ruled them out for the future.

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