Re: DOM comments inside a <style> element

On 12/28/10 1:48 AM, Daniel Glazman wrote:
> If it's not the case, then the serialization of a XHTML document
> containing a <style> itself containing a text node stylesheet tagged
> with <!--/-->

Where did this document come from, exactly?

> will - if entities output is selected - output entities
> for < and >.

That seems fine to me, if the result is to be parsed as XML, not HTML. 
Or at least it will produce the right behavior.  What's the issue?

> Unless of course, specific rules for that element
> are added for the xhtml serializer. I have no religion here, but this
> issue is currently a blocker for BlueGriffon.

Maybe I just don't understand something here.  What issue is a blocker 
for BlueGriffon?  Your original post had some createComment stuff going 
on; I really hope BlueGriffon doesn't do that in this situation.  So 
what is it trying to do, and what problems are you running into?


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