Re: ISSUE-116: Would a separate document work?

On 08/25/2010 10:18 PM, John Foliot wrote:
> So a conditional yes to fully moving guidance to an external reference
> coupled with an over-view document, but coupled with removal of existing
> guidance in the Draft Spec.
> JF
> Related to:
> 	Issue-30 (Formal Objection(s))
> 	Issue-31
> 	ISSUE-80

Time out.

Of the three change proposals we received for issue 30, of the seven for 
issue 31, and of the one additional that we received for issue 80, NONE 
of them involve removal of existing guidance from the HTML5 draft spec. 
  If you have a proposal to bring forward, please do so.  Otherwise, 
lets focus on the proposals that we do have.

Furthermore, the topic for this specific thread is about attempting to 
make progress on issue 116, which is all about:

   I think would be prudent and appropriate if both documents (HTML5 and
   HTML5: alt) provided clear neutral information about the existance of
   the other and how they relate.

Is there any possibility that we can make forward progress on just issue 

- Sam Ruby

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