RE: providing a long description using the summary and details elements.

Laura Carlson wrote:
> But @longdesc already does that. And @longdesc does it out of page
> too. We need both.

+1 to that Laura. @longdesc can point to both URIs *and* IDREFs, and in that 
instance is almost unique to all the other solutions being discussed.

"I have begun to change my mind about longdesc. I used to accept that it 
wasn’t particularly smart design. It clearly has a bunch of problems, like 
being “dark metadata”, so is more likely to work when people are careful 
about making content and more likely to break if people do a slap-dash 
amateur job. But the only credible alternatives I have seen (like Kyle, 
things that impose constraints on design generally strike me as not really 
credible) are a suggestion to replace it with another attribute. With a new 
name. That does. THE. SAME. THING."


Received on Wednesday, 25 August 2010 15:50:49 UTC