Re: Working Group Decision on ISSUE-30 longdesc

On 11.08.2010 15:16, Sam Ruby wrote:
> Here is the decision. It has been drafted in HTML format to aid
> readability.
> The chairs made an effort to explicitly address all arguments presented
> in the Change Proposals on this topic in addition to arguments posted as
> objections in the poll.
> - Sam Ruby

Thanks to Kyle Weems for <>.

Turns out that this passage from the WG decision:

> Implementation
> It was stated that the longdesc feature was implemented multiple times successfully. Cited were Opera, Firefox (which apparently subsequently removed this feature), Dreamweaver, and XStandard. Newer versions of IE may produce a tooltip based on this information under certain circumstances. No criteria was provided for the adjective "successfully".

...should have mentioned that Firefox' "View Image Info" *does* display 
the longdesc link (as plain text, though).

Best regards, Julian

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