Re: <meta http-equiv="Link"> question

On 09.08.2010 23:52, Steven Roussey wrote:
>> Why would it be for HTTP/1.0 only?
> Because between RFC2068 (1.0) and RFC2616 (1.1), it was removed from
> the spec. I think the HTML 4.01 spec makes a reference to it (which
> was different from the HTML 4.0 spec).
> Merely curious...
> ...

HTTP/1.0 is RFC 1945. RFC 2068 is the proposed standard of HTTP/1.1, and 
it was not included in the draft standard (RFC 2616) because (I think) 
of concerns that it wasn't implemented back then.

If you look at the IANA header registry you will notice that it 
continues to be a registered header, and that there is no distinction 
between headers for HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1.

That being said, a new spec for the Link header field has been approved 
a few months ago 
( and 
should be published as RFC very soon now.

Best regards, Julian

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