Re: thoughts about a visible caret

Le 08/08/10 00:40, Maciej Stachowiak a écrit :

> Let me check if I understand your suggestion. Are you
> saying there should be a way to make non-editable text
> support display of a caret when it contains a caret
> selection? Should it also support caret navigation (when
> the user presses the arrow keys or clicks) or could that
> be left up to script?

Yes, and yes. I would like to have something similar to
-moz-user-select. It should not only support caret but also

Maybe a standardized version of user-select is enough but I
have the gut feeling this should be, similarly to contenteditable,
reflected into the markup for online editing.

> Are there operations besides execCommand that are a problem
> for interoperability?

The resulting markup of commands is the main problem. The way
it deals with list creation and handling of the CR key is
another main one. All in all, the result is almost unpredictable
across browsers.


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