ISSUE-41: extensibility change proposal advocates

The HTML WG Chairs are evaluating the status of the current five different ISSUE-41: extensibility change proposals.  See:  

Before the Chairs issue a survey on this issue we would like to ensure that there is AT LEAST one "advocate" in the WG for each of the five change proposals.  If there are NO advocates for one or more of the proposals then the Chairs propose to drop that change proposal from the eventual WG survey on Issue-41 since we believe that will greatly simplify the survey and the results processing.

Please reply to this email if you are an advocate FOR one or more of the following change proposals with a clear indication of which proposal(s) you support:

1. Change Proposal: "Proposal X", Registered XML-Style Namespace Prefixes 

2. Change Proposal: "Proposal Y", Hyphen-Separated Vendor-Prefixed Attributes  

3. Change Proposal: XML-style namespaces with some naming restrictions. 
4. Change Proposal: Generalize the mechanism used for SVG and MathML

5. Change Proposal: There is no problem and the proposed remedy is to change nothing

If someone else advocates for a proposal you support there is NO need to respond since we are looking for AT LEAST one "advocate".  This is NOT an attempt to poll the WG on which change proposal is the most popular.

This request for input closes on Fri Aug 13 at midnight ET.


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Received on Wednesday, 4 August 2010 17:20:57 UTC