Re: ISSUES 90, 91, 93, 96, 97 -- if you support these change proposals

On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 8:57 AM, Laura Carlson
<> wrote:
> Hi Tab,
>>> However, the main point is that the accessibility task force has
>>> declared that they will make these elements better [4].  I don't see
>>> any issues or actions is in the Accessibility Task Force's own tracker
>>> [5] to insure that <figure>, <aside>, <hidden>, <progress>, and
>>> <meter> are all made better.
>> Luckily, all of these elements are very simple and straightforward
> Then it shouldn't be a problem for the accessibility task force to
> follow through on their promise of insuring that they are accessible.
> Proposed action plan:
> 1. Put each element into the accessibility task force tracker with
> corresponding actions to examine each one individually for
> accessibility.
> 2. Require a sign off resolution from the task force to the working
> group stating that each element is indeed accessible.
> I just don't want this to fall between the cracks.

I have no objection to #1.  I have no objection to #2, as long as it's
not being proposed as a blocker for this Issue.  Both seem reasonable.

>> That would be the "interim" period.
> What are the specific dates of the "interim" period?
> From April 30, 2010 to _?
> Please fill in the blank.

By its nature, there is no set end to the interim period.  It will be
over for each individual author when they personally judge that a
sufficient market-share of browsers supports the feature natively.
Again, this is exactly the same as every single new feature in every
single spec that has ever been, or will ever be, published for any
technology touching the web.


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