Re: Change Proposal for Issue 110 ("Change Control for text/html-sandboxed media type")

On 15.04.2010 18:01, Sam Ruby wrote:
> ...
> If you like, submit multiple proposals, each of which specifies a
> consistent set of change controllers (W3C, WHATWG, OASIS, Julian
> Rescke's cat, should you happen to have one), but yes, any one given
> change proposal needs to be specific and justify why that specific
> choice was made.
> ...

I don't have a cat, but maybe I should. In the meantime I'll consider 
nominating one of Ian's cat in a separate Change Proposal.

>> Also, I'm not clear what additional rational is needed. I explained why
>> I think they should be consistent. I think the question what the change
>> controller for text/html should be was already discussed and resolved.
> Citing that discussion could support the choice that you make.
> ...

That actually *is* in the change proposal.

Anyway, here's a new revision:


In the IANA registration templates, the specified change controllers for 
text/html and text/html-sandboxed differ.


text/html-sandboxed is defined as a subset/profile of text/html, so it's 
definition de facto is controlled by the change controller of text/html 


Make the specified change controllers consistent by changing the Change 
Controller field in Section 12.2 ("text/html-sandboxed") to "W3C".


1. Positive Effects

It becomes clear that changes to most aspects of the text/html-sandboxed 
media type are controlled by the change controller of text/html.

2. Negative Effects


3. Conformance Classes Changes


4. Risks




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