Re: change proposal for issue-86, was: ISSUE-86 - atom-id-stability - Chairs Solicit Proposals

On 15.04.2010 00:09, Ian Hickson wrote:
> I don't think that saying that if an implementation doesn't know if it
> created a feed before, it should not be allowed to create a feed, is a
> good trade-off. I think it would be ignored. Basically making this a MUST
> would lead to implementations having to violate the spec to do anything
> useful. When we require that implementations violate the spec, we lead to
> them ignoring the spec even when it's not necessary.
> Hence the SHOULD. It's almost like a MUST, but it acknowledges that it may
> not be possible to implement the requirement in some cases.
> It should be noted that since this is still a MUST in the Atom spec, the
> implementation is still non-conforming. So I really don't see the problem.

The problem is that by phrasing it this way you actually *encourage* 
non-conforming implementations.

Best regards, Julian

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