Re: ISSUE-99 (meta-scheme): Chairs Solicit Proposals


Could you provide at least a couple of URLs to real world (not just test/demo) pages on the web that use meta scheme and at least attempt to use profile? (I personally don't know of any).

I plan to follow the design principles of the HTML WG and base the documentation of this feature in the "HTML5 profile" specification at least informed somewhat by current usage.

Alternately, if no real world meta/scheme+profile examples are found, then I will document it based on the theoretical description mentioned below in HTML4 and mark the feature as experimental/at-risk in the draft (per W3C terminology - if 2 interop implementations cannot be demonstrated by the time we reach last call, then the feature will be automatically dropped without prejudice to enter CR).

I hope that is sufficient to resolve this issue amicably.



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On 03.03.2010 17:05, Sam Ruby wrote:
> "meta/@scheme missing"
> Per the decision policy, at this time the chairs would like to solicit
> volunteers to write Change Proposals.


> If no Change Proposals are written by April 5th, 2010 this issue will be
> closed without prejudice.
> Issue status link:

Manu, Tantek,

HTML4 says in <>:

"Values for the scheme attribute depend on the property name and the 
associated profile."

Given the fact that meta/@scheme *probably* isn't used outside contexts 
where head/@profile is used as well, would you consider adding this to 
the profile spec?

In that case, ISSUE-99 would be resolved.

Best regards, Julian

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