Re: ISSUE-55: Re-enable @profile in HTML5 (draft 1)

Henri Sivonen wrote:
> On Sep 28, 2009, at 03:03, Manu Sporny wrote:
>> After speaking with Julian over the weekend, we explored the possibility
>> that perhaps the document should focus on the concept of extending
>> processing behavior for user agents via @profile and @version.
> The working group debated version identifiers at length in April 2007.
> Is your draft motivated by new information that wasn't available back then?

The new information/rationale:

* There has been an open ISSUE for more than 13 months related to this
  problem and the HTML WG asked me to produce a document addressing the
* RDFa uses @version, which is obsoleted in HTML5. RDFa is also becoming
  a FPWD, so we have to resolve how we're doing @version and @profile.
  Either the signaling mechanism has to change for RDFa, or we
  have to figure out some cross-language extended processing behavior
  notification mechanism.
* @profile should probably die, but we don't have a unified mechanism
  that is capable of signaling specific language features that are built
  on top of HTML/XHTML/SVG and a way of expressing that the author
  would like to assert that those features are used in their
  document in an easy way.

I'll review the discussion you guys had back in April 2007... perhaps it
will illuminate a path forward. The primary goal is to try and find
something we can get consensus around and close this long-standing issue.

-- manu

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