Re: ISSUE-55: Re-enable @profile in HTML5 (draft 1)

Doug Schepers wrote:
> You should add a link to the HTML4.01 spec, where it is defined [1], so
> that people not familiar with it can contextualize your changes.


>> 2. Whether or not we should depend on <link rel="profile" href="..."
>>     to specify profile relationships to the current document. GRDDL
>>     and Microformats depend on either this or #1.
> Those specs can also be updated if @profile is deprecated, obsoleted, or
> removed.

For the W3C specs, not without going through a full REC process, right?

Microformats already mentions[1] that you should use rel="profile" in
HTML5, but there is no registered "profile" LinkType on the WHAT WG wiki:

>> 3. Whether or not we should obsolete @version. RDFa would like to keep
>>     @version.
> It doesn't make much sense in the context of your new definition to
> define a new syntax and then obsolete the attribute.  Then again,
> there's no reason that this should be in @version, rather than some
> newly minted attribute (or element?) designed for the purpose.

The only reason it's in version is because we're already using this
syntax for RDFa and because @version is completely obsoleted in HTML5
right now... so you could say @version it's available for re-use. You
could also say that is a load of crap. Both statements have a certain
amount of truth to them.

>> 4. Whether or not we should adopt a new markup format for @version in
>>     order to make language design easier in the future while also making
>>     it easier for authors. This may address WHAT WG's issue with
>>     @version.
> The CDF WG defined a roughly similar mechanism for WICD accept headers
> [1], and one of the benefits was that it could potentially replace the
> currently suboptimal and corpulent accept headers.  You should think
> about that in this context.


> If this takes off, it might be nice to be able to use it for SVG,
> MathML, and other rendering languages as well.

Yes, that would be nice. :)

> Regarding formatting, keeping it case-insensitive would be helpful.


>> 5. Whether or not the world would be a better place if Kanye West never
>>     rose to fame.
> Yo, Manu, I’m really happy for you... Imma let you finish. But Hixie had
> one of the best HTML specifications of all time! Of all time!

*wonders if Doug now has a maze[2] shaved into his head*

> Please don't use the "W3C Editor's Draft" graphic, W3C logo, or W3C
> copyright notice on documents not living on the W3C site and not
> produced by a W3C WG, and don't make claims of W3C patent policy. That's
> impolite. 

Sorry, not trying to be impolite. I am producing this document for the
HTML WG (I volunteered to do so at request by the chairs of HTML WG).
It's not currently checked into W3C CVS because I wanted feedback before
committing the first version to W3C CVS. I saw the header as an

Would committing the document to W3C CVS address your concern?

-- manu


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