Localized decimal separator for numbers in <meter> textContent

Pardon if this has come up before, I searched the archive and didn't  
see it.

The format of numbers specified in the spec for the textContent of  
<meter> says 0-9 and a . (FULL STOP) are the only allowed characters  
but this is particularly nasty to countries that use a comma instead.  
I'm pretty sure most of Europe uses a comma, and a significant part of  
the rest of the world.

ISO 31 also specifies that a comma may be used as a decimal separator.

There's no ambiguity in allowing this, since the HTML5 spec forbids  
10,000cm meaning 10 thousand centimeters.

Seems we should follow ISO here and allow "." OR ",", especially when  
a lot of the sites that would potentially use this (ex. Amazon) are  
localized, and since we allow a localized version of the % sign.

- Elliott

Received on Monday, 28 September 2009 07:39:10 UTC