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Leif Halvard Silli On 09-09-19 19.24:

> Lars Gunther On 09-09-19 17.41:
>> 2009-09-18 21:55, Leif Halvard Silli skrev:
>>> I must say that <dl figure > is a smaller jump than <p caption >.
>> I would say the opposite. As stated: In a normal dl the ORDER between dt 
>> and dd is important. In figure they are supposed not to be.
>> Confusing!

> So, we could define <dl figure>/<figure> so that <dt> always has 
> to come first - like in a normal dl.
> I hear that Lachlan say that that would be counter intuitive, as 
> image captions will usually come after image. But, well, we have 
> the CSS caption-side option. And we have the TABLE element, were 
> the caption has to come first. And it can also be a simplification 
> for authors that there is one place for it to occur - instead of 
> them having to choose "were to I place the caption in my code today"?
> The drawback to this is really mostly the lacking IE6/IE7 support 
> for display:table-caption  ...  But as you have said: we should 
> look to the future. And I there are workarounds, such as positioning.

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